Black Mirror

Why Every Writer Should Watch Black Mirror

Black Mirror a modern-day version of the Twilight Zone but way more provoking I find that many British programs can really push the envelope on the storytelling front (Orphan Black, Torchwood, Doctor Who to name a few). So when a coworker at my day job suggested I check out Black Mirror, I took a chance. Now I was expecting an edgy show but it’s way beyond that. It’s gripping. It’s unsettling. It’s thought Read More
Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Book Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Click here to buy it  Red Rising is like Hunger Games on Mars, where demi-godlike humans are the tributes duking it out. The Spoiler-free Summary: Darrow is a Hell-Diver and a part of the lowest class of people, called Reds. They’ve been charged with doing some dangerous mining on Mars. They live and work in deplorable underground conditions believing that their sacrifice will make the planet a better plac Read More
A Wrinkle in Time

What Made You Fall in Love With Fantasy Fiction?

It was May 19, 1990. I was nine years old and back then an only child. That didn’t bother me though. As a true introvert I had no problems spending time alone — just me and my imagination. Writing little stories. Making horrible drawings. Acting out stories with my Barbies. Whatever I could do to get those creative voices out of my head.  So what was so special about that particular day? It was when I receive Read More