This is Why I’m NOT Pumped About the Wonder Woman Movie

Okay, before I go into my rant, I’m going to drop the trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie right here.

Now before you call me crazy for not being super hyped  after seeing this , just hear me out. When this trailer dropped for the Wonder Woman movie at ComicCon and  hit the social media waves I had the same reaction that I do with other awesome movie trailers.

Heart palpitations.

Wide eyes.

Sitting on the edge of my seat.

It seemed to have everything I love in a superhero movie — a kick ass Amazonian heroine, a WWI backdrop, plenty of battle scenes, and witty banter. I learned that Patty Jenkins (the woman behind the compelling movie Monster) is sitting in the director’s chair and the film will delve into an origin story we have never seen on the big screen before. Gal Gadot could very well hold her own as Wonder Woman, just like she did in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Then I came back down to Earth.

Despite the studio’s efforts of hyping up this movie way before it’s June 2017 date, I highly doubt I’ll be rushing to the theatre to see this one. I’m afraid it’s going to tank gloriously just like this debacle:

Wonder Woman movie

Never in my life had I been so utterly confused and angry at a superhero movie. I mean how you can make a complete mess out of a film that features Batman and Superman? They are the two of the most iconic superheroes in the DC universe. Unfortunately, the people responsible for the above mentioned film did so beautifully. It was so incomprehensibly bad,  fans like me want to quit DC cold turkey.

Bringing it back to Wonder Woman

It seemed like the only reason she was there was except to help Batman and Superman defeat Doomsday. But even her cool movies and flashy lasso couldn’t keep this movie from sinking into Sucksville.


With all the backstory material to draw from in that movie, what’s to stop the DC moviemakers from jacking this one up? I don’t want to see one of the few female superhero movies get mishandled in the same manner.  It has so much potential for solid storytelling. There’s plenty of room for the creation of a well-rounded character that’s not just a pretty woman with a few cool tricks. This film could be the kick in the pants Hollywood needs to make more movies made with strong female lead in the action arena. (I’m seriously dying for a Black Widow movie, aren’t you?)

But I’m jaded, ya’ll.

I can’t get past DC’s biggest Batman/Superman movie transgression. My heart can take another one with the Wonder Woman movie.

For the sake of all fans like myself, I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong come June.

What say you? Will you be seeing the Wonder Woman movie in theaters?

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