Fall TV Shows 2016: 9 New Programs You Have to Watch

Luke Cage Netflix Fall TV Show
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After coming off a surprisingly good season of TV, the fall TV 2016 is right around the corner and guys I cannot wait! With fan favorites like Agents of Shield, Gotham, and The Walking Dead making their anticipated return to the small screen in a few weeks, there are quite a few new shows to check out as well. Here are eight you should add to your watch list.

Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland is back people! While he’s not playing Jack Bauer, he’s still playing a character caught up in a world of terrorists and government conspiracies in this Fall TV show. He’s playing the role of Tom Kirkman, the designated survivor and next President of the United States should everyone in line before him meet their maker. Well, they do, when a bomb takes out the President and his entire cabinet (how in the world does that happen?!). Kirkman is sworn in as President and thrust into a shit storm he has no clue about. And oh, did I mention that Maggie Q is in it?

Premieres September 21, 10pm on ABC


I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this re-imagining of this TV classic brings along a bit of its original magic along with a modern twist that makes sense. With the involvement of the original show’s producer Henry Winkler, I’m pretty confident it will. So what will this show be about? A much younger Mac puts his innovative problem-solving talents to use, along with his own government-approved team to go out and save the world. I expect to see some DIY hacks that no one should try at home.

Premieres September 23, 8pm on CBS

Pure Genius

Speaking of innovative, this show is sure to delight sci-fi fans like myself. Pure Genius is about a Silicon Valley rich man who opens up a super high tech hospital that treats only the most rarest diseases — for free. Throw in a maverick surgeon and you have the potential for an eye-opening and very entertaining show.

Premieres October 27, 10pm on CBS

Timeless Fall TV Show
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Get ready to strap on your time traveling shoes because this new fall tv show is all about going back in time to stop the destruction of the US. It has everything we love in a sci-fi adventure show — a crazy cool time machine, a quirky team (a history teacher, a soldier, and a scientist), as well as a quest to save the world. I’m in!

Premiers Oct. 3, 10pm on NBC


In this SyFy original series produced by none other than Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, we are taken to the near future where, corporations are the ones who rule the world. The conflict comes in when the main character, Ben Larson, threatens to bring these companies to their knees from the inside out  to save the woman he loves. The trailer doesn’t give that much away but from what I see, this fall TV show is going to be intriguing to watch.

Premieres Nov. 30 on SyFy

Westworld Fall TV Show on HBO
Source: HBO


Guys I have been salivating over this show since they started airing teasers during The Night Of on HBO. While I’m not one for westerns, I am a huge fan of alternate realities, especially if that perfect world is on the verge of collapse.And oh, don’t even get me started on the star studded cast — Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandi Newton, just to name a few. Based on the book from Michael Crichton, we get to see inside a futuristic theme park where customers are taken to a historic “town” to live out their fantasies. AI, theme parks, and the wild west in one show on HBO? Watching this is a no brainer.

Premieres Oct. 2, 9pm on HBO

Falling Water

Are your dreams really trying to tell you something? That’s the concept this new fall tv show from USA explores. The story line follows three strangers each with their own personal mission who realize they are dreaming a collective dream. Not only that, the clues to finding what each of them are looking for is in that very dreams. That’s not the only thing lurking there however. Their dreams may also foretell the fate of the world.

Premieres Oct. 13, 10pm on USA

Source: The Nerdist
Source: The Nerdist

Luke Cage

When he was first introduced in Jessica Jones, we just couldn’t get enough of this indestructible (and incredibly sexy!) superhero. Who was he really? How did he get his powers? Where did he run off to? All that and more will hopefully be answered in the Netflix series dedicated all to him. In this show we go from Hells Kitchen to Harlem and it promises to be a kick-ass fall TV show just like its Marvel predecessors.

Premieres on Sept. 30 on Netflix

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