Book Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

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Red Rising is like Hunger Games on Mars, where demi-godlike humans are the tributes duking it out.

The Spoiler-free Summary:

Darrow is a Hell-Diver and a part of the lowest class of people, called Reds. They’ve been charged with doing some dangerous mining on Mars. They live and work in deplorable underground conditions believing that their sacrifice will make the planet a better place to live. It’s all one big lie. While Darrow and his people toiled underground for generations, the world on the surface is not only livable but has been ages ago. The upper classes, each pegged in a color caste system, have been living off their blood and sacrifices quite nicely for quite a long time.

Darrow painfully learns the truth and that’s where his story begins.

We experience his journey to bring down the ruling class, the Golds, that held his people down for so long. He must penetrate their beloved Institute so he can destroy them from the inside out. Darrow is in a battle for his people,  his wife Eo, and ultimately for his life. All this takes place in a world he didn’t even know existed. All of his rage and Hell Diver smarts isn’t going to be enough to complete his mission. In order to defeat the Golds, he has to become one.

Why You’ll Love Red Rising by Pierce Brown:

Told in the first person, present tense we’re right there with Darrow, experiencing everything he’s going through with a fury that keeps you turning pages. Despite the 400+ word count, this book keeps you reading at a fast clip with enough satisfying downtimes to catch our breaths. You won’t find longwinded scenery descriptions of scenery, pages upon pages of backstory, nor meandering storylines. Every single chapter propels the story forward, with efficient use of words that get the point across.

Did I mention the Hunger Games like action scenes?

Battle strategies, the betrayal, unlikely alliances, the fight for survival in harsh conditions— you will find all of this in Red Rising, especially in the last third of the book. My fingers literally cramped up from swiping on my Kindle as I got towards the end.

The book wasn’t all just fodder for action junkies, though.

It addressed concepts of class systems, the ideas of beauty and perfection. The book also infused elements of Greek mythology in a way history buffs can appreciate.

If you’re looking for the next trilogy to really sink your teeth into that’s worth your precious reading time, Red Rising is for you.

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