Was This Not The Best Year for Summer TV?

maxresdefault-1I honestly could not remember a year where I was actually excited for summer TV. It’s the only season where I find myself borderline depressed because I have nothing to watch. Add to that the many sorry attempts at new TV series (Extant, Under the Dome, should I even continue..) that just made the season even worse.

Except this summer.

Netflix, Hulu, and cable networks really upped the ante in not only providing quality programming but in giving it to their audiences great TV all year round.

But before I get to my summer watch list, I want to give a bit of a disclaimer: A lot of these shows don’t all fall under the sci-fi or fantasy categories. However, like any good space opera or epic fantasy, these shows are loaded with great character stories and gripping storylines.

Orange is the New Black

summer TV
Courtesy of NY Times

The new season introduced a whole new batch of characters and watching them clash with the old crew was fun to watch! I don’t love this show just for the laughs though. The writers are brilliant when it comes weaving in backstory and exploring the harsh realities of prison life. And that season finale? I’m still in therapy to get over that.

Queen of the South

summer TV
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Speaking of flashbacks, this new USA show takes that concept to a whole other level. Showing the demise of Theresa in the opening scene and then going all the way back to her humble beginnings? Risky to say the least. Having her future self talk to her younger self  as she makes her way up through the ranks of the drug world? Brilliant.

The Last Ship

Summer TV
Ph: Doug Hyun

I know not everyone may be with me on this summer TV show and I get it. The captain of a naval ship going around saving the world may not be the most realistic thing. And for those geekier than me, the whole virus storyline may have a lot of holes in the realism department. For me, however, I take the show for what it is – a show with just some good old action and a world in crisis. This season brings about the challenge of rebuilding the world from scratch, a concept that the writer side of me salivates over.


Summer TV
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I’ve been a loyal fan of this show since the first season, even when the second one got a tad confusing for me. It’s worth sticking it out though; this last season leaving no one safe from the political strife both inside and outside the palace walls in Abuddin. For you political nuts out there, the parallels between the storyline and what’s going on in real life is downright scary.

The Night Of

Summer TV
courtesy of Vulture

HBO stroke gold again with this limited summer TV series surrounding the horrific death of a mysterious girl and the seemingly innocent young man on trial for her murder. A brutal prison system, a boatload of evidence, and shady characters coming out of the woodworks are just a few of the things that make this show so damn compelling. Oh did I mention that after seven episodes I STILL don’t know if the boy is guilty?

Stranger Things


I saved the best for last because this show was literally the best sci-fi show of the year! The opening credits alone gave more 1980s nostalgia than this girl could handle. I could write a whole blog post about this summer TV show but for the sake of brevity, what made this show so awesome was that it focused on telling a damn good story. No super fancy effects. No blood and gore for shock value. No overly complex storyline. It was your old fashioned kill-a-scary-monster movie, sprinkled with rotary phones and mix-tapes. I seriously cannot wait until Season 2!

Your turn! What was your favorite show to watch this summer?

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